About me

I was born in Boston but my parents brought me to Israel when I was 2 years old, and with an American father and an Israeli mother, I basically grew up in a bilingual home. I grew up in Jerusalem and started playing the bassoon when I went to study at the Rubin Academy High School. Following that, I joined the Israeli Army and served there for two years in the program for distinguished musicians. During my Army service I was able to study at the Rubin Academy for higher education, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in music performance. I came back to Boston with my husband, Misha Grandel (a fantastic trumpet player) in 1999 and graduated with Masters in music performance from the  Boston University. Since coming to the States I have led a dual life of both an active musician and a Hebrew teacher and the best part is that I am able to combine those two by learning the language through songs!
I am a strong advocate for languages whether it’s music or Hebrew and believe we should offer our children as many opportunities as possible for acquiring languages, as they are a real gift!